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About Us

It would be hard to argue that retirement plans are popular. Most persons in the United States are familiar with the term “401(k) Retirement Plan” or “Defined Benefit Pension Plan”, but how many Retirement Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants would describe their retirement benefit as “successful”?

At Alpha Squared, LLC, our goal is to change the perspective of all retirement plans from just being “popular” to being truly successful, both for the Plan Sponsor and for Plan Participants.

Retirement Planning Process

Alpha Squared, LLC advisors work with our Plan Sponsor clients to define what a successful retirement plan is for their organization and employees. We believe the definition of a successful retirement plan is different and unique for each of our clients. Though the specific goals are unique, we often help our clients find appropriate goals around measurable performance areas such as employee education and participation, fee management, investment performance and plan design. Once success has been defined, we lay out the steps to reach those goals.

As the retirement plan evolves and improves, we continually re-evaluate these goals and the performance of the plan. This helps the plan continue to meet the needs of both the employer and employees in an ever-changing benefits landscape.