Retirement Plan Expertise

In Finance, Alpha is a statistic that describes risk-adjusted returns. The name Alpha Squared represents our goal: to maximize the performance of our client’s retirement while greatly reducing the risk associated with providing that benefit. We do this by striving to provide value that exceeds the compensation paid by our clients.

Alpha Squared, LLC stands for:

Integrity – We believe in maintaining a high moral character in all our interactions, believing that our reputation is what people see and not our intentions.

Independence – By being autonomous, we are free to evaluate all investments with a critical eye without bias or conflict of interest allowing our research and analysis to be completely objective and honest.

Quality – We promise to deliver our services at the highest of standards, knowing that what our clients expect from us is what we would expect from ourselves.

Efficiency – We understand the importance of time for our clients. Our service is designed to utilize our knowledge and skills to provide you with high quality, timely information that is targeted to the needs of our clients.

Transparency – In all our interactions we promise to be free from bias and follow all securities rules and regulations. We also believe in providing these services with full disclosure.